John Erwin Dillard
Contact: 941-585-2953,
Ringling College of Art and Design 2018
Sarasota, FL    
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture                                     
RELATED WORKSHOPS/EDUCATION                                                                                                                    
Pilchuck Glass School                                                      UrbanGlass Studio
Summer Session 2016 “Serious Play”                               Fall 2016 course “Mold Madness”
Glass Blowing, Hot Casting,                                              Mold Making, Kiln Casting
Instructor Thermon Statom                                               Instructor Dorie Gurthie
Arrowmont School of Craft                                            Penland School of Crafts
Summer 2017                                                            Summer 2017 “Imagining the Inside” Instructor Erika Lynn Hanson                           Multi-part mold making, Hollow-core casting
                                                                                         Instructor Erica Tada                    
UrbanGlass Studio                                               
Fall 2017 course “Poetics of Line”                         Mapping A Site In an Out of Context         Instructor Beth Lipman                             Ringling College of Art and Design,Sarasota (FL)
                                                          Saint Lucas, Antwerp (BE) collaborative Masters Project 

UrbanGlass Studio
Fall 2018 Course "Proportion/Rhythm/Repetition"
Instructor Courtney Dodd                               
SOLO EXHIBITIONS                                                                                                                          
Da, Multumesc, 2019, Aparte Gallery, Iasi, RO
Immediate Past, 2017, Crossley Gallery, Sarasota FL
DocuFlorida II, 2018, T.T. Wentworth, Jr. State Museum, Pensacola, FL 
Le Salon Tout Inclus, 2018, M. Chapel Projects, Sarasota, FL 
Material Matters: Breaking Tradition, 2018, Brooklyn Waterfront Art Center, Brooklyn, NY 
Pilchuck Staff Show #2, 2018Pilchuck Glass School Gallery, Stanwood, WA
Roach Wars, 2018, Crossley Gallery, Sarasota, FL
Best Of Ringling: Fine Arts, 2018, Crossley Gallery, Sarasota, FL
Making Place, 2018, MChapel Projects, Sarasota, FL
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, 2018, Crossley Gallery, Sarasota, FL
Celebration Now, 2018, Borsbeekstraat 130, Antwerp BE, De Belly

Mapping A Site in and Out of Context: Food and Ritual, 2017, Crossley Gallery, FL
Regular Ol’ Banger, 2017, Pop-Up Exhibtion, 238 S. Links Ave, Sarasota, FL
Fulldome Festival, 2017, Jena, Germany
Keep Safe, 2017, Crossley Gallery, Sarasota, FL
COSMIX, 2017, South Florida Museum, Bradenton, FL
Best Of Ringling: Fine Arts, 2017, Crossley Gallery, Sarasota, FL, Curated by Linda Yablonsky of Artforum

Making Stock ,2016, 20 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY
#PostDigital, 2016, Art Center Sarasota, Sarasota, FL
Best of Ringling: Fine Arts ,2016, Crossley Gallery, Sarasota, FL, Curated by Ethan Cohen, Ethan Cohen Gallery, NY

Results May Vary, 2015, Crossley Gallery, Sarasota FL
Motion Machine, 2015, Crossley Gallery, Sarasota FL
Fine Arts Annual Juried Exhibition, 2015, Crossley Gallery, Sarasota FL, Curated by Kara Vanderweg of Gagosian Gallery, NY and Brett Litman Director of the Center for Contemporary Drawing, NY

Fine Arts Annual Juried Exhibition, 2014 ,Two Columns Gallery, Sarasota FL, Curated by Wassan Al-Khudairi, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at Birmingham Museum of Contemporary Art

New York Studio Residency Program, New York, NY- 2016
Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughn, Republic of Ireland-2018 

Artalpha Residency at George Enescu Fine Arts University, Iasi, Romania- 2019


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